Tuesday, 3 February 2009

My new Cuttlebug Cupboard Blog

Hi, It's very cold here, but we've had very little snow, just the kind of day for crafting. Although, I know that crafters never need much of an excuse, do we!

I for one, have not had any time today to make anything, but just in case you dropped by, I thought I'd tell you about my new venture. As many of you will know, I've been a keen Cuttlebug Fan ever since I was bitten last March and as a member of the DC forum, where I post some of my work, I started to received queries and questions about how, what, etc., so this week I have designed a new blog called "ikki's cuttlebug cupboard". I opened the Cupboard on Monday morning with my first tutorial - it might be a bit basic for many of you I know are advanced cuttlers, but I had to start somewhere that would not put beginners off, and I will move it forward as I come to terms with tutorials (well fingers crossed I will. It has worked really well, with over 500 visits since yesterday morning. Am I chuffed with this response, or what! I would greatly appreciate your support, and any advice in any way to advance Cuttling for the benefit of all. Thanks for dropping by, hope you'll look in the cupboard one day, but for or now - keep warm and, of course, keeeeeep cuttling.

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Traci said...

Great idea! I love my cuttlebug but I know I don't use it to it's full potential. I will definately have to go check out your tutorials. Thanks for sharing