Wednesday, 10 June 2009

It's time I was posting again!!!!

Hi there, I'm so back and behind these days, my love of card making is definitely on the back burner! But, today I thought "get back in your Corner" and do something different!!!! What!!!!
I'm fed up with pinks and purples so I thought I'd like to go bright and cheerful for a change and these are the cards I came up with. Different for me, I think you'll agree.

Hope to be back soon. I'm trying to re-organized myself - not sure how successful, or how possible, that it!


Skraptacular Designs said...

Hi Ikki!

This is sooooo super cute! Thanks so much for visiting me today at my blog! I feel AWFUL! We have been trying to get our SBS group up and running and full of participation and chatter...and to do that I invited the SBS #28 group that has been trying to form for months. It also meant that I deleted people from our original SBS #26 group that hadn't responded to any of our posts or comments on their blogs. I honestly thought that you had abandoned us when I didn't hear from you after several attempts. Actually, I just figured you were just super swamped due to the fact that you have started your wonderful Tutorial Blog! Just today, I went to that blog to see if you had the SBS members listed and when I didn't see them, I assumed that meant, along with no response from you in forever, you were no longer interested in us. I am sooo super sorry! I shouldn't have assumed and it was a really tough decision for me because I thought that you and I had great chats from time to time in the beginning! PLEASE forgive me! I would love for you to join us again in our Private Group! Could you PLEASE give me your e-mail address and I'll send you an invite! I'll try to find it in the management part of our group as well but if I don't...PLEASE just let me know what your e-mail is and I'll get right on it! I am definitely so excited to know you're still interested in us!

Hope this all makes sense and that I haven't offended you in any way! It was truly just an honest mistake on my part...


Chrissie said...

Great card Ikki!
I really like it, but then I like all your cards!

Tonya said...

Lovely cards! I'm trying to get back into the groove of things too - good luck!

Lora said...

graet card. I like the colours you have used. It's nice to try something different once in a while.
Lora xx

Andrea, said...

Fab card Eileen, the little kitty is so cute

Ellie Jacobson said...


Hi! Just stopping in on my SBS26 tour...your card is simply adorable!


Wendy said...

Really adorable cards.....that little kitty image is so sweet!

Have a great day!

Traci said...

Too cute! Love that kittie image!

Anne said...

Hi Ikki, I'm still trying to find my groove again, too :) Love your cards, the colours are great, and the image is really cute!


What gorgeous cards. The images are so adorable!!!

melody said...

what adorable cards chickie! and love your coloring ~ beautifully done


jules said...

oh! gorgeous card inside and out!!!!!i love the colour combo too!!!!!