Wednesday, 1 July 2009

One for the Girls and one for the Boys

I don't know about you, but whether it's because of my PC playing up, or the weather, or bowling, or housework, or garden, but I seem unable to settle down to anything! So, I packed my bag and went off to my craft class in the hope of inspiration! Thanks Andrea - two great ideas. The flip flop is a bit out of my zone, but different - the off on a journey I really enjoyed making, even the doing the colouring! Thanks for dropping by.


AK Stamper said...

Hey Ikki, What adorable cards! I especially like your flip-flop card...takes imagination to come up with this, or was it a template?????


gibbabe said...

hi ikki have just found your blog its amazing what you can do with the BUG YOU ARE SOOOO clever


melody said...

oh..i'm so lovin that flip flop ~ that is kewl! and fabulous card and coloring ~ beautifully done


Chrissie said...

These two are super. The flip flop looks really tricky to make and the Edwin card is just great.
Brilliant. Wish I had a craft club to go to!

Wendy said...

Adorable flip flop and masculine totally opposite, but equally as stunning.

Have a great day!

Anne said...

Great projects! Love that flip-flop, so different, and summery :)

Karen said...

Hi Ikki!

Love your blog which I've just found, as I've bought a "Bug", my first ever crafting machine!

You're inspiring me no end and I'd love to know where you got the image of the 4x4 on the Edwin card.

Hope you can help me find it!


jules said...

wow love these!especialy the flip flop one!!!!!!!!thank you for all your help and tips Eileen!!!!!!!