Tuesday, 21 October 2008

In the mood

I'm getting into Christmas mood and my room is covered ( sofa, two desks and floor, not to mention window sills ) with so much stuff that I can hardly move. I'm having to tread very carefully. Still at least I'm crafting again!

Image from friend Nikki on DC

Papers from HOTP

and my Trusty friend CB


Rica said...

Nice one Eileen - I like it.
Why do we crafters' alway have such a mess around us. I only have to make one card and it looks like an explosion in a craft factory. (Lol)
hugs Heather xxx

Viv said...

I usually end up working in 4 square inches of space on my craft table! Surrounded by a volcano of craft mess! Father Christmas looks a treat on this card, so the mess was worth it!
Viv xx

Chrissie said...

This is lovely and your Blog is looking absolutely fabulous!
I love this Santa stamp... I think I may just have to get it sometime soon!