Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Wow, two more awards

Alex has kindly nominated me with this great award.
Thanks Alex I appreciate this from such a talented crafter.
I'm passing this on to 5 great crafters whose blogs
I love to visit.
Anne Priscilla Jenny Kelley Traci

Julie an old friend from DC has given me this award. HUGS.

What a great award thanks you so much Julie - hugs are something you want to do with friends, so with cyber friends this is just the ticket.
I pass hugs on to my new SBS 26# sisters


Jenny said...

Thank You So Much Ikki! It means so much1 it really does! I had such a bad day all day today, and this has realy cheared me up! Thank You! x

Wendy Bonner said...

Thanks for the Hug Award!!!

Tonya said...

Aww, thanks Ikki!!!

Kathryn said...

So VERY sweet!!!
Thanks to for the Hug Award!!!

Hugs to YOU, too!! :)

Anne said...

Thanks for the award, Ikki, how kind of you! I really appreciate it!

Chrissie said...

Take a look on my Blog... there's more!

Kelley said...

Thanks for the reward Ikki! That's so sweet.. better late than never for me to get back to you.. life is as hectic as ever! :) HUGS!