Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Need a laugh and a warning - read on....

Hi, I'm back on line and thought I'd give you all a laugh and also a warning. Just before my pc went 'funny' I was on the lookout for a particular Penny Black sentiment stamp. Wanting, as crafters do, a good buy I googled Penny Black and found numerous sites. I clicked on several and had a look round but couldn't find what I wanted. On the next site I found something I definitely didn't want....It was a porn site under the PB name and it was very graphic. I quickly closed it down and my pc went berserk....warnings flashed, I was asked if I wanted to download some programme to stop the Trojan....I had picked up. I have to say I was panicked and started to download but then realised I didn't recognise the programme's name so stopped the procedure. I then ran my own check and found I had indeed picked up this so called trojan horse. It's now safely deal with, but from then on my pc began acting strangely. No wonder the shock it had! So, the moral of this tale is -beware when google PB - or like me you'll get quite a lot more than a stamp!

Ikki x

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Morti said...

Thanks for the warning, Ikki!